70th Birthday Round-up
August 14th, 2014

Come for a Stompin' Good Time!!!


Ramblin' Along
...opportunites to gather and celebrate classmates of Alexander Ramsey, Class of 1962

Share the news with 1962 classmates and friends from OTHER classes.

The events planned will be of varied interests, some Twin Cities based, others may be a day trip. We will vary days of the week for activities.

You are welcome as your schedules allow.

1. Whatever the activity, the "point person/host" will handle the RSVP’s..so their email/phone number will be listed with the activity.

2. Each person is responsible for their own transportation. Perhaps a list of attendees could be on the website,to facilitate car-pooling.

3. For each event, we want to include the words "Share the news with others" either with classmates or friends from OTHER classes.

4. Any costs involved will be listed in the info...along with details for payment ie..in advance, at the door, cash only etc.

5. Many of the Ramblin’ Along opportunities will be showcasing a class member of Ramsey ‘62.

6. Suggestions for future Ramblin’ Along outings are most welcome.

CLICK HERE for upcoming events!